ll Taglio del Maggio – The Wedding of the Trees




With special support of the Associazione Culturale 75zero18, Felice Fornabaio and Manuel Tiranno.



In a small mountain village, in the Basilicata region of Southern Italy, a pagan fertility ritual has survived over the centuries. Even Christianity wasn’t able to uproot its core.

It is a rare remnant of ancient magic tree cults, which existed in a similar form in many European countries.

The ceremony is very popular and enjoys a living tradition. Every year, hundreds of emigrants return back home to attend the celebrations.

The dearly venerated San Giuliano, patron saint of Accettura, sanctifies the archaic tree wedding.

In those days there is a unique combination of magic and religion, belief and superstition, excessive partying, hard work and traditional craftsmanship.

The Unesco considers the celebrations one of the most beautiful in the Mediterranean.


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